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The Top 6: A Tool to Transform Time Management


Time. It’s the one resource that can’t be bought, begged for, or handed down. And yet, it’s the one we take for granted, often letting portions of it slip away without a second thought. Why do so many of us struggle with prioritizing and managing our time? We use Outlook calendars, written planners, post-its, phone notes, or entirely separate applications to … Read more

“Meet” Doesn’t Have to be a 4-Letter Word

Meeting Cadence

What comes to mind when you hear the word “meeting” during your workday? Does it bring positive connotations of connecting with your colleagues and making strides to complete projects? Or does sheer panic and terror and set in, feeling like you’ll have yet another piece of precious time wasted? Why has “meet” become a 4-letter word in so many organizations? We’re … Read more