P2P Team



For over 30 years, Point to Point (P2P) has partnered with an array of adept marketing trailblazers who spearhead cutting-edge events. They demand perfection, and we deliver it.

From shipping properties for an entire conference and expo to packing, storing, and securing the most delicate, one-of-a-kind prototype, we’ve done it!

Our clients depend on us to take care of the details and provide outside-of-the-box solutions to make them look good. That’s why we are a trusted partner to many Fortune 500 companies.  We lead the event industry with innovative shipping practices and strategies.

It is great to have you guys on our side with our big shows to know that someone is tracking all the shipments and keeping the PM’s aware of what is happening on the road and the loading dock. The customer service has been great.

P2P Client